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Welcome to my Website,

if you want to know something about my person, you´re at the right place.

Barbara Karoline Reiter birth 05/17/1967 in Prien am Chiemsee

Realschulabschluß in Dingolfing 

apprenticeship as chef in Chieming

apprenticeship as hotelclerk in Regensburg

Inbetween got to know my husband and his family business. 

A bavarian restaurant with farm and woodland

1992 my daughter was born and then a discovery in our attic that changed my life 

an old book: "Der illustrirte Hausthierarzt" from 1882

With the treatment of our animals I was successful first, then by myself and our daughter, my husband too has been adequately supplied.

The whole thing went so far, I started in december 2000 my training as an alternative practitioner and did my final examination 2003.

During this training I got to know a lot of different methods pysical and psychic. For a long time homeopathy I liked the most, then added family constellation work after Hellinger.

But the best I found in all that years is still Deep Imagery. Years before I started the Training as healing practitioner I stumbled over the book from Steve Gallegos:


 "The Personal-Totem-Pole Process bzw. Indianisches Chakraheilen" 

and during the training I met someone who ran a residential training center where "by chance" Steve offert a training. Only five minutes from my home, with the car. The training started only weeks after my final exam. Thats fortune. :-) and I love it !!!!!

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