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Dear Visitor,

what Deep Imagery is exactly, you´ll find on the following website


I like to tell you shortly, about my relationship to the Deep Imagery . Its a dimension in myself, in which I meet animals, humans, beings and things and make experiences with them in order to grow.

I flew with eagles over mountains, have learned in their bodies how it is to hunt and eat prey,  Merged with a tiger and roam in his body through the jungle, have experienced a beehive through a bee, witnessed an ant enjoying the warmth of the sun, swam with a wale in an ancient ocean, have met a medicin woman and man, have experienced moon and mother earth, journed into my past, met there happy and wounded inner children, just as male and female ancestors, talked to Jesus and Angels, digged with a mole through the earth, rode elephants, horses and unicorns and much more. All these beings have gifted me with healing, love, growing and wisdom in the inside and outside. This dimension is also waiting for you, patiently with much space. 

My deep inner desire is that Deep Imagery is spreading throughout the whole world, building circles of shared experiences in between deeply connected people, for this reason I offer online-workshops for free and if their is a wish to participate in english I`m open to it, just write me an email.


Barbara Reiter

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